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Cost Guide


Low interest rates and competitive construction pricing makes now a great time to renovate or build a new home.

Interest rates are at historic lows and can be fixed to provide certainty around repayments for years to come. At the same time, sluggish domestic and small commercial construction sectors have resulted in builders and tradespeople pricing projects more and more keenly to keep active.

If you’ve been thinking about a home improvement project, a renovation, a new home or a small property development now might be the time to do it!

For handy hints and tips visit our website askanarchitect.com.au and call us on 1300 134 513 if you’d like an ArchiDesign feasibility report.

Good luck with your project!

Interactive Cost Guides

Printable Cost Guides

Repairs and Maintenance

Concrete tiled roofing $40 to $60/m2
Terracotta tiled roof $50 to $70/m2
Slate tiled roof (traditional system) $280 to $440/m2
Fibreglass roofing $30 to $50/m2
Polycarbonate roofing $60 to $450/m2
Steel roofing $45 to $65/m2
Sarking $6 to $8/m2
Guttering & Downpipes
- PVC $30 to $35/Lm + painting if required
- Zincalume $30 to $50/Lm
- Zincalume colour coated $45 to $67/Lm
- Copper $70 to $110/Lm
- Stainless steel $85 to $160/Lm
Allow extra for - framing replacement
- special finishes (e.g. coastal environments)
Replace switchboards $500 to $3,000
Safety switches $500 to $1,000
New light point $50 to $150 each + cost of fitting
Add power points $100 to $300 each
Add telephone points $100 to $300 each
Rewire house $5,000 to $10,000
Allow extra for - repairing adjoining surfaces
Plasterboard (inc furring channels as required) $30 to $60/m2
Fibre cement linings (inc furring channels as required) $42 to $67/m2
Hard plaster finish $95 to $200/m2
Patching of holes/openings not exceeding 0.5m2 $250 to $500/m2
Allow extra for - removal of existing plaster
- decorative cornices, roses, mouldings etc
80mm thick reinforced plain concrete path $50 to $70/m2
100mm thick reinforced plain concrete driveway $55 to $75/m2
- Extra over for coloured concrete $10 to $15/m2
- Extra over for slate impression on concrete $5 to $10/m2
- Extra over for stencilled concrete $10 to $15/m2
- Extra over for exposed aggregate $25 to $35/m2
Cross-over to council requirements $4,000 to $6,000 single car width
$6,000 to $9,000 double car width
Allow extra for - decorative edging
100mm dia stormwater pipe including trenching $60 to $450/Lm
Stormwater pits & cover $450/pit + (varies with pit size & type of cover)
Trench grates $300/Lm + (varies with trench size & cover type)
Agricultural pipe including trenching $35 to $50/Lm
Allow extra for - repairs to paving or landscaping
- boring under paving
Silicon injected damp-proof course $50 to $75/Lm
Re-point mortar $10 to $20/m2 brick wall
New air vents $50 to $75 each
Allow extra for - washing brickwork and making good
- repair of adjoining surfaces
Reflective air cell $12 to $16/m2
Glasswool batts R1.5 to R5.0 $10 to $20/m2
Polyester batts R2.0 to R4.0 $10 to $25/m2
Polystyrene $10 to $40/m2
Wool R3.0 to R3.5 $25 to $40/m2
Allow extra for - roof access restrictions or reduced clearance
- removal/ reinstatement of ceiling linings & finishes
Hot water service replacement $1,000 to $4,000/house
Solar boosted hot water service $3,500 to $15,000/house
Complete house re-plumbing $10,000 to $15,000/house
Replace taps, shower rose, spouts Supply cost of fitting + $50 to $250 to install
Toilets, basins, sinks, laundry troughs, baths, showers Supply cost of fitting + $150 to $450 to install
Allow extra for - associated work (e.g. painting, tiling)
Dusting $1,000 to $1,500/house
Chemical treatment $2,500 to $4,500/house
Monitoring/baiting systems $3,000 to $5,000/house
Drilling trees $250 to $600/tree
Perimeter paling (1600mm to 1800mm high) $55 to $100/Lm
Timber picket fence $60 to $180/Lm
Tubular metal fence $180 to $350/Lm
Brick fence, 1200mm high including footings $500 to $750/Lm
Brick fence, 2100mm high including footings $800 to $1,000/Lm
Gates including hardware and finish $600 to $900 single
$1,200 to $2,000 double
Allow extra for - sloping sites
Underpinning $1,200 to $2,750/Lm
Allow extra for - making good damaged surfaces
- rocky foundations
Resin injection $800 to $1,200/Lm
Allow extra for - making good damaged surfaces
- sandy soil
Tree removal including mulching $250 to $2,000/tree
Stump removal to below ground level $250 to $500/stump
Wall $120/m2 for tiles costing up to $30/m2
Allow extra for - $100/m2 for tiles costing up to $90/m2
Awning/sliding windows, including hardware & finish $350 to $700/m2
Double hung windows, including hardware & finish $650 to $950/m2
Extra over for double glazing $150 to $250 /m2
Skylights $500 to $2,500 each
Allow extra for - blinds or window furnishings
- repair of adjoining surfaces
Framing replacement/strengthening joists & bearers $25 to $75/Lm
Particle board (yellow, red, blue) $26 to $34/m2
- Extra over for fungicide or termicide treatment $30 to $35/m2
Plywood (15mm to 21mm thick) $30 to $45/m2
Tongue & groove flooring $70 to $250/m2
Allow extra for - sub-floor access restrictions or excessive heights
- floor finishes
Carpet $35 to $150/m2 + underlay
Vinyl $65 to $120/m2
Timber Polishing $75/m2
Tiles $120/m2 for tiles costing up to $30/m2
Allow extra for - $100/m2 for tiles costing up to $90/m2
Repointing face brick walls $5 to $10/m2
Infilling openings - brick veneer walls $250 to $650/m2
Infilling openings - doublebrick walls $350 to $900/m2
Allow extra for - claddings, linings or finishes
Concrete stumps (to 1.0m above ground) $6,000 to $10,000/house
Allow extra for - floors over 1.0m above ground
- patching/painting and easing of doors/windows


This part of the guide provides some typical costs for common renovation and extension projects and assumes the use of standard materials, fixtures and finishes.


  1. The indicative square metre rates are for basic shell only, and the extended roofline over the shell.
  2. Prices assume good access to the site and relatively simple roof configuration.
  3. Where the extension involves kitchens, bathrooms and laundries, you must also add the wet area fit-out costs to the total as these rooms need special fittings and fixtures.
  4. The indicative costs do not include upgrading of services such as electrical, plumbing, heating or repairs and upgrades to parts of the existing house such as roof and gutter repairs, painting, damp, reblocking and pest treatment. You may also need to allow for paving and landscaping upgrades.


Indicative costs assume that the rooms which are being renovated are in sound condition, needing no structural upgrade. Good access is also assumed.

Allow extra for - first floor additions (including stair, structural work to existing building, roof alterations)
- adverse ground conditions
- consequential work to existing building
- professional fees associated with design, documentation, permits and contract administration
Allow extra for - hazardous material removal (e.g. asbestos filled cement sheet)
- temporary accommodation and/or furniture storage if required
Bathroom/en-suite $10,000 to $25,000
Kitchen $12,000 to $30,000
Laundry $5,000 to $10,000
Allow extra for - white goods


Building prices vary considerably, depending upon a number of factors such as:

  • individual builders selected
  • choice of materials
  • extent of client involvement
  • method of construction
  • site accessibility
  • extent of documentation
  • size of job; larger works can achieve a more economical price per square metre
  • quality of job required eg. project home or ‘top of the range’ standard
  • property location; regional areas may attract a premium


  1. An ArchiDesign feasibility report will include cost estimates specific to your project.
  2. Even greater accuracy will be achieved after the design is developed and taken to competitive tender when actual prices are obtained. In many cases cost can be saved and/or a better job achieved through an architect’s preparation.


The information provided here is general advice only. It has been prepared without taking into consideration project specifics, design requirements or quality needs. Before acting on this document, you should consider its appropriateness to you. If required, seek the assistance of a quantity surveyor who can prepare a project specific cost plan to assist your budgeting needs. Cost estimates indicated include GST.